Production method of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) sputtering target

  • Inventors: ZHANG TIANSHU
  • Assignees: 张天舒
  • Publication Date: September 04, 2013
  • Publication Number: CN-103274683-A


The invention mainly aims to provide a production method of an ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) sputtering target. The method comprises the steps of uniformly mixing an Sn<2+>-containing salt solution with an In2O3 suspension liquid made from nanometer In2O3 powder, stirring and slowly adding a precipitator to precipitate, standing and aging after the precipitation is completed, recovering the precipitate after the standing and the aging, washing, drying and pre-sintering to obtain a coating powder of In2O3 uniformly coated with SnO2 on the surface and carrying out forming sintering on the coating powder to obtain the ITO sputtering target. According to the production method provided by the invention, a mixed liquid of the Sn<2+>-containing salt solution and the In2O3 suspension liquid is precipitated through the precipitator and pre-sintered, so that the SnO2 component can be effectively uniformly dispersed on the surface of In2O3 particles to form the coating powder of In2O3 uniformly coated with SnO2 on the surface and no segregation of the SnO2 component happens in the subsequent densification process; and on the other hand, a low-crystallinity SnO2 layer is coated on the surface of the In2O3 particles, so that the material transfer in the sintering process can be promoted, the densification of the ITO sputtering target is accelerated, the production of high-quality uniform-microstructure ITO sputtering targets is facilitated, the poison phenomenon is avoided from occurring in the sputtering process and ITO films meeting the requirements of high-end flat panel display industries can be prepared by adopting the sputtering target.




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