Measuring apparatus for moisture transmission performance of wadding fiber assembly



The invention relates to a measuring apparatus for the moisture transmission performance of a wadding fiber assembly. The measuring apparatus comprises a heat insulation protection seat. The upper part of the heat insulation protection seat is provided with a two-section groove; the lower layer of the groove is a constant temperature water bath tank; a thermal resistance filament is fixed in the constant temperature water bath tank; a simulated skin is covered over an upper liquid level of the constant temperature water bath tank; a first temperature sensor and a first humidity sensor are arranged above the simulated skin; the upper layer of the groove is in immovable fit with a sample cylinder; the lower end of the sample cylinder is provided with a mesh interlayer; the interior surface of the sample cylinder and the outer surface of a pushing cylinder are in sliding fit; the upper end of the pushing cylinder is opened, the lower end of the pushing cylinder is provided with a mesh interlayer, and a second temperature sensor and a second humidity sensor are fixedly arranged above the mesh interlayer; and the thermal resistance filament, the first temperature sensor, the second temperature sensor, the first humidity sensor, the second humidity sensor, a refrigerator and a fan are connected with a control circuit and are connected with a computer through a signal pickup assembly for realization of data processing.




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