Solid electrolytic capacitor element, method for producing same, and tool for producing said solid electrolytic capacitor element



The present invention pertains to a method for producing a solid electrolytic capacitor element, the method involving a step for simultaneously forming a semiconductor layer on the dielectric layer of each of a plurality of anode bodies formed with the dielectric layer on the surface thereof, wherein the step for forming a semiconductor layer involves repeating, several times, an electropolymerization operation by conducting a current from a power-feeding terminal that comes into contact with each anode body, and at least one of the electropolymerization operations continuously conducts a current while changing the amount of current between the range of 5 to 200 [mu]A per power-feeding terminal. The present invention also pertains to an electropolymerization tool for forming a semiconductor layer on a dielectric layer formed on the surface of an anode body, the electropolymerization tool having: a plurality of power supply circuits (i) disposed on an insulating substrate and capable of continuously changing the amount of current between a lower limit value and an upper limit value; and a power-supply terminal (ii) electrically connected to the output of each of the plurality of power supply circuits and for coming into contact with the anode body. According to the present invention, a semiconductor layer is simultaneously formed, at a high impregnation rate, on the dielectric layer of a plurality of anode bodies by means of electropolymerization, and it is possible to obtain a group of capacitor elements exerting excellent moisture resistance.




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