A sanitary agent covered by a film



The present invention relates to a sanitary agent for treatment of a sanitary appliance, comprising a solid or semi-solid active body, designed to adhere to a wall of the sanitary appliance and including a treatment compound having at least an active element for treatment of the sanitary appliance, characterised in that the body has an external surface thereof covered by a water-soluble film. In this way, the sanitary agent can be manipulated by hand for application thereof to a moist ceramic wall of a sanitary appliance to be treated, without the user's hands entering into contact with the components of the sanitary agent itself. Furthermore, any undesired loss of the components of the sanitary agent are avoided; these can be due to deformation of the sanitary agents before use thereof, displacements thereof and/or any dripping. The invention also relates to a method for applying the sanitary agent for deterging, disinfecting and/or perfuming the sanitary appliance.




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