Fast stem cell homing method



The invention provides a method which enables stem cells to be homed quickly and effectively. The stem cell homing method includes the steps that immunomagnetic beads are used for marking the stem cells, and the particle size of each immunomagnetic bead is 40-60 nanometers; the marked stem cells are injected into a circulatory system of specific tissue; and a positive magnetic pole and a negative magnetic pole point to body surface portions corresponding to the specific tissue, and in the circulation process of the circulatory system, the stem cells are homed into the specific tissue quickly and accurately, wherein the magnetic field strength between the positive magnetic pole and the negative magnetic pole is 8,400-18,600 gausses. According to the stem cell homing method, the magnetic characteristic of the superparamagnetism magnetic beads is utilized innovatively, the magnetic attraction technology is adopted to enable the stem cells to be homed into the specific tissue, the stem cells can be helped to differentiate into functional adult cells in the specific tissue, and a new direction is exploited for clinical application of the stem cells.




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