NMF (non-negative matrix factorization) video compression technology



The invention discloses an NMF (non-negative matrix factorization) video compression technology which includes the steps of firstly, burning an embedded video compression with algorithm of recognition and separation technology, and loading the video compression into a chip; secondly, pretreating collected data by connecting the chip with equipment; thirdly, finding significant nodes through an NMF method in mode recognition; fourthly, realizing node saving and time domain cutting of real-time video streams through the significant nodes; and fifthly, separating background and foreground through similarity comparison, saving the background as a static image, and saving the foreground as sparse matrix data. By MATLAB (matrix laboratory) programming, the NMF theory and software-hardware combination, compression of time domain and space domain redundant information is achieved, algorithm is optimized, data storage is compressed greatly, and data processing speed is improved.




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