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US-5867061-A: Transformer coupled stacked power amplifier patent, US-8330445-B2: Circuits and methods to produce a VPTAT and/or a bandgap voltage with low-glitch preconditioning patent, US-5900007-A: Data storage disk array having a constraint function for spatially dispersing disk files in the disk array patent, US-6013247-A: Composition for protecting the skin or the hair, containing nanopigments and a solid elastomeric polyorganosiloxane combined with a fatty phase patent, US-6081125-A: Network analyzer patent, US-6084611-A: Recording head, having pressure-bonding member for binding recording element substrate and driving element substrate, head cartridge and recording apparatus having same patent, US-6086414-A: Multimedia outlet arrangement patent, US-6125904-A: Robotic apparatus and method for assembling a tire to a rim patent, US-6164524-A: HIP-bonded body and method of producing the same patent, US-6209163-B1: Cleaner for fiber optic connectors patent, US-6229293-B1: DC-to-DC converter with current mode switching controller that produces ramped voltage with adjustable effective ramp rate patent, US-6281737-B1: Method and apparatus for reducing parasitic bipolar current in a silicon-on-insulator transistor patent, US-6297461-B1: Keyboard switch patent, US-6297651-B1: Electro-optic sampling probe having unit for adjusting quantity of light incident on electro-optic sampling optical system module patent, US-6314945-B1: Fuel pump control apparatus patent, US-6318131-B1: Method of knitting 3-d shape knit fabric patent, US-6329847-B1: Radio device including a frequency synthesizer and phase discriminator for such a device patent, US-6345850-B1: Vacuum lifter patent, US-6350980-B1: Imaging assembly with a side mounted optical detector for a scanner patent, US-6360594-B1: Non-attached monitoring assembly for pneumatic tire patent, US-6421627-B1: Device and method for determining the position of a working part patent, US-6440994-B1: Method of treating acne patent, US-6486670-B2: Method for imaging with nuclear magnetic resonance given a k-space trajectory proceeding on an irregular grid patent, US-6488051-B2: Hygienic sealing plate for valve assembly patent, US-6522764-B1: Hearing aid patent, US-6523532-B1: Method for operating an internal combustion engine, especially of a motor vehicle patent, US-6549626-B1: Method and apparatus for encoding keys patent, US-6550527-B1: Device for continuous casting patent, US-6594336-B2: Absorption dose measuring apparatus for intensity modulated radio therapy patent, US-6616180-B2: Vehicle steering wheel patent, US-6628510-B2: Method and apparatus for computer integral with wall patent, US-6682274-B2: Cutting insert with wear detection patent, US-6724254-B2: Audio amplifier with output power limiter patent, US-6730135-B2: Active negative material for lithium secondary battery, method of preparing the same and lithium secondary battery using the same patent, US-3765156-A: Turtle grass harvester patent, US-3870363-A: Semi-cantilever twin-seat chair patent, US-3957841-A: Process for preparing the sodium salt of o-carboxybenzoyl ferrocene patent, US-3959719-A: Static controller for power factor correction and adaptive filtering patent, US-3980205-A: Aerosol can discharging apparatus patent, US-4009413-A: Plasma jet device and method of operating same patent, US-4026265-A: Charcoal burner patent, US-4043064-A: Copyholder patent, US-4048808-A: Ice islands and method for forming same patent, US-4180768-A: Energy limiting foldback circuit for power supply patent, US-4229083-A: Two speed loop control arrangement patent, US-4257182-A: Variable-ballast chumming lure patent, US-4260225-A: Energy saving radiant insulative device patent, US-4279459-A: Printed wiring board and connector apparatus patent, US-4280586-A: Speaker enclosure patent, US-4285484-A: Shelf and clothes rod assembly for a closet patent, US-4305734-A: Recovery of hydrocarbon components from a hydrocarbon-carrier gas mixture patent, US-4317728-A: Wobble centrifuge patent, US-4384632-A: Charging system for seismic gas exploder patent, US-4476559-A: Simultaneous transmission of voice and data signals over a digital channel patent, US-4544846-A: Variable axis immersion lens electron beam projection system patent, US-4603399-A: Data processing apparatus for address substitution patent, US-4655860-A: A processing method for increasing propellant burning rate patent, US-4770205-A: Bi-directional snub valve patent, US-4778549-A: Catalysts for accelerating burnout or organic materials patent, US-4819734-A: Lawn aerator with rocker arm tine synchronizing means patent, US-4827917-A: Fermoral fracture device patent, US-4830411-A: Threaded joint for oil-well pipe patent, US-4848568-A: Battery package patent, US-4864793-A: Slate and method of manufacturing therefor patent, US-4888507-A: Stepping motor rotor assembly for an electronic timepiece patent, US-4901866-A: Concealed coat rack apparatus patent, US-4942496-A: Ceramic capacitor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-4943792-A: Superconducting switch pack patent, US-4962575-A: Hand positioning device patent, US-5011408-A: Chuck device for dental handpiece patent, US-5058762-A: Shipping device for heater unit assembly patent, US-5114175-A: Vehicle wheel suspension with quadrilateral link strut patent, US-5156557-A: Electrical interconnection assembly, process of and apparatus for manufacturing the same and wire laying jig therefor patent, US-5170051-A: Elastic gripping optoelectronic sensor for an energy consumption meter patent, US-5214854-A: Spring-biased nipper patent, US-5218994-A: Arrangement having a pneumatic control valve with a housing closed on all sides patent, US-5266950-A: Programmable keypad monitor patent, US-5365536-A: Semiconductor laser patent, US-5371288-A: Branched alkyl-containing aminobenzamides as chain extenders in polyurethane-urea elastomers patent, US-5396201-A: Dielectric filter having inter-resonator coupling including both magnetic and electric coupling patent, US-5421090-A: Structure of scissors patent, US-5527205-A: Method of fabricating an endodontic instrument patent, US-5567359-A: Ultra mild surfactant with good lather patent, US-5601812-A: Hair thickening and conditioning gelatin composition for topical application patent, US-5659932-A: Burial capsule with anti-decay system patent, US-5669111-A: Cable tie having a strengthened neck area patent, US-5708013-A: Pyridine derivative and therapeutic agent for ulcer comprising the same patent, US-5733009-A: Headrest for motor vehicle seats patent, US-5784656-A: Camera with light dividing devices patent, US-5796090-A: Microfilm reader for high density, two dimensional bar code symbology patent, US-5963113-A: Saw ladder filter with inter-stage matching saw resonator patent, US-5973284-A: Push button switch assembly with snap action movable bridging contact patent, US-5993655-A: Filtration device patent, US-5995850-A: Method and apparatus for on-the-fly mode change in a paging transmitter patent, US-6003317-A: Method of generating sealing steam for a steam turbine, steam power plant having a steam turbine and method of starting up a steam turbine patent, US-6033313-A: Male screw and method for manufacturing same patent, US-6063352-A: Method of removing sulfur dioxide from flue gases, especially power plant flue gases and flue gases from garbage incinerator plants patent, US-6106544-A: Cutaneous harness for sutureless wound closing patent, US-6134448-A: System for detecting positional information patent, US-6164982-A: IC socket for holding IC having multiple parallel pins patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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